Latin America and Africa
Salary: N/A
Candidate Level: Management
Contract Type: Permanent
Working Hours: Full Time
Sector: Human Rights
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Closing date: 31/08/2024
Tenure Facility
Tenure Facility Talent Pool

The International Land and Forest Tenure Facility focuses on securing land and forest rights for Indigenous Peoples and local communities. We are the first financial mechanism to exclusively fund projects working towards this goal while driving development, reducing conflict, improving global human rights, and mitigating the impacts of climate change. We provide funding directly to communities and their partners; build relationships with key government actors and the private sector, providing technical expertise required to implement tenure rights within existing laws and policy.


Our partners, the Tenure Facility, are in a very exciting stage of growth, with big plans on the horizon. Future needs anticipate our growth in Latin America and Africa, and with this imminent and exciting development, we are inviting you to join an exclusive Talent Pool for Tenure Facility. 

The organisation is continuing to support Indigenous peoples, local communities and Afro-descendant people’s land rights and land governance, and we are hoping to build a team of well-grounded, passionate individuals motivated by the mission with lived experience to join them on their task. 


Specifically, we are looking for individuals in Latin America and Africa, with experience in programming, learning, monitoring and evaluation and stakeholder engagement, and financial control, although we are welcoming a wide variety of profiles to join the Talent Pool. 



Joining this group will give you exclusive access to the latest roles at the Tenure Facility and will keep you up to date with notifications. All you need to do to join is upload your CV here:

Welcome aboard! 

Preferred method of response: Web
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Closing date: 31/08/2024