The Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMI Fund)



The Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMI Fund) works
to connect, align, and strengthen people-power for a more socially just, zero
carbon future. UMI Fund believes that people-powered movements are critical to
creating a zero-carbon world, generating the drive and popular support
necessary for huge political, cultural, and technological shifts. Drawing
together and amplifying the efforts of NGOs working on technical or policy
solutions with those of campaign or grassroots groups and movements working to
increase citizen engagement and activity. UMI Fund´s goal is to dramatically
accelerate humanity’s transition to a zero-carbon world. UMI Fund is a convener
of the field, an advisor to philanthropy, and a grant maker.

The UMI Fund Operations Assistant is a new
role that will be essential to supporting and building the global UMI
community.  The Operations Assistant will
support the work of the administration manager and the events manager, especially
in navigating daily tasks that constitute this dynamic and fast-paced team.

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