The International Help Alliance


Since 2012 The International Help Alliance has been carrying out assistance programs to vulnerable and marginalized children and babies in Kenya, particularly in slum areas such as Huruma, Kibera and Mathare in Nairobi, which has been a profound experience and knowledge of the functioning of the local system and children’s problems in the most disadvantaged suburbs of Kenya. That is why our members and collaborators have accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with victims of violence, social discrimination, cases of abandoned babies and children and in general have sufficiently extensive practical experience in humanitarian issues. Soles de África is home to many vulnerable and extremely at-risk girls. Girls between 4 and 13 years old prostituted and abused with gender violence. In accordance with local authorities, we rescued girls who began to live at home, providing them with security, balanced nutrition, hygiene and health, extracurricular education, regulated education in a national school from the age of 6, and psychological support to strengthen their self-esteem. At the request of the authorities and the Community, after the pandemic in 2019 to cover local needs, we are providing services to girls under six years of age and who are neglected due to family situations. This is how we established our Children Day Care Center, which is responsible for caring for, feeding, covering health services, hygiene, education and self-esteem.