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The European Association for the Rescue of Life at Sea “SOS MEDITERRANEE” is a maritime and humanitarian organisation founded by a group of European citizens in 2015 to face the lack of adequate rescue capacity in the Mediterranean. In six years of Search and Rescue operations, the teams on board the ship Aquarius and Ocean Viking (operating since 2019) have rescued and assisted more than 35.000 persons in the Central Mediterranean, the deadliest migratory sea route in the world. These operations are currently run in partnership with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to manage post-rescue assistance, including medical care, to survivors onboard.

Initially founded in Germany and France, the European Association has grown into an international network of four national chapters in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.

The purpose is: Save lives of people in distress at sea; protect and assist them until they are disembarked in a place of safety and testify to this situation and the many faces of migration.

At the end of 2021, the German branch of SOS MEDITERRANEE announced its decision to part ways from the international network and start a new project under the name “SOS Humanity”. SOS MEDITERRANEE is convinced of the relevance to maintain a branch of the European organisation SOS MEDITERRANEE in Germany, with its unique positioning in the field of Search and Rescue NGOs. Therefore, SOS MEDITERRANEE International network has decided to re-establish a new chapter in Germany.

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