Rondine Cittadella della Pace


Rondine Cittadella della Pace is an organization committed to reducing armed conflicts around the world and spreading its own method for the creative transformation of conflicts in every context. Its objective is contributing to a planet free from armed clashes, in which every person has the tools to manage conflicts in a creative and positive way. Rondine was born in a Medieval Tuscan hamlet, a few kilometres away from Arezzo, Italy: here, the main Rondine projects for education and professional experience are developed. It is a place where human beings are regenerated, so that they can become leaders of themselves and their own communities, in the search for the common good. The project that gave rise and inspiration to Rondine is the Studentato Internazionale – World House: it hosts young people who come from countries that are the scene of armed conflicts or post-conflict and helps them to discover the human being in their enemy, through the difficult and surprising effort that comes from living together daily. Rondine is mainly supported by private citizens from civil societies sharing its values and mission: the improvement of the planet through the training of leaders and the application of the Rondine Method in every context of conflict. The support given to Rondine does not in any way affect the mission or strategic choices of those who grant it.