Founded in 2005, RefugePoint partners with refugees to access life-changing solutions and transform how the world supports them. For those who can safely remain in the country to which they have fled, we help them reach stability and work towards self-reliance so they can meet their own needs. Unfortunately, many refugees can’t go home and can’t safely stay in the country to which they have fled. We help these people relocate to a safe, new country through resettlement or other pathways so that they can begin to rebuild their lives. RefugePoint helps refugees access these solutions using three tactics: direct services, field building, and systems change. Through this three-pronged approach we provide direct services to thousands of refugees each year, strengthen the capacity of other organizations to better serve refugees, and influence global policy and practice to transform refugee response systems. Lasting solutions work. Directly, we’ve referred more than 140,000 refugees for resettlement or other pathways to a safe, third country. We’ve also equipped thousands of refugees with the tools to support themselves and their families in the country to which they’ve fled. Through innovation, collaboration, and influence, we’re helping to lead the sector in expanding long-lasting, refugee-centered solutions, and instigated major sea changes in global practice. You will be joining a growing organization (115+ staff globally) that is spearheading new initiatives that are changing the face of humanitarian response, and we would be excited to have you as part of our team!
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