Precision Development (PxD)


Precision Development (PxD) is a global non-profit organization that harnesses technology, data science, and behavioral economics to empower people living in poverty to improve their lives. By providing actionable information to the right people, in the right way and at the right time, PxD empowers people to improve their livelihoods, mitigate risks, advance environmental sustainability, and adapt to a changing climate. A majority of PxD’s services deliver customized digital agricultural advice to smallholder farmers via their mobile phones. This pioneering model of agricultural extension is implemented in collaboration with partner organizations to maximize scale, and we continuously experiment, iterate, and gather evidence on impact to improve service delivery and demonstrate our value. In 2022, PxD reached 6.9 million users in nine countries through a range of initiatives providing tailored digital information on crop optimization, pest management, input utilization, and environmental stewardship. PxD also leverages mobile technology to deliver information in sectors beyond agriculture, including to facilitate math education in Kenya, improving household nutrition, increasing the adoption of crop insurance and other financial services, and other interventions that advance well-being.
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