Open Ownership


Open Ownership (OO) believes that information on the true owners of companies is an essential part of a well-functioning economy and society. Public registers of beneficial owners give access to high-quality data about who owns, controls, and benefits from companies and their profits. This information, known as beneficial ownership transparency (BOT), helps tackle corruption, reduce investment risk, and improve national and global governance.

OO helps countries generate high quality data on company ownership that complies with international standards and meets the needs of data users across government, civil society, and the private sector. OO supports people and organisations to use this data to build trust as well as reducing corruption and tax evasion. Since 2017, OO has worked with almost 40 countries to advance implementation of beneficial ownership reforms, as well as supporting the creation of over 15 new central and sectoral registers. OO has developed the world’s leading data standard for beneficial ownership information, co-founded the international Beneficial Ownership Leadership Group, and built the world’s first transnational public beneficial ownership register.
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