IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)



In our daily lives, we all use dozens of
electrical and electronic devices. Whenever these are turned on, a cascade of
invisible “events” make the device work. Those events are governed by standards
– agreed-upon rules that guide their design, how they are manufactured and
tested so that they work safely as intended, everywhere in the world.

(International Electrotechnical Commission)
is the leading global
organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all
electrical, electronic, and related technologies – collectively known as
“electrotechnology”. The IEC also manages conformity assessment systems that
certify that equipment, systems, or components work as they should. To watch a
short video that explains in more detail what we do click here.

The IEC is a global, not-for-profit membership
organization that brings together more than 170 countries and coordinates the
work of 20,000 experts globally from industry, government, test and research labs,
consumer groups and academia, develops and publishes standards that foster
innovation facilitate global trade and promote development. With more than 10,000
standards, the work of IEC makes the world a safer, greener, more connected
place for everyone.

Purpose of the role

The IEC Global Impact Fund is a new IEC
initiative that will promote the application of IEC work to address concrete
ESG challenges in specific countries and help build the capacity of IEC Members
and Affiliates to sustainably address ESG challenges.

Launched with a contribution from IEC, the
fund is open to external donors and will be funded through donations from the
public and private sector. IEC Members are committees that comprise
the local public authorities, development agencies, and large manufacturers as
well as power companies, which enlarges the access to potential donors around
the world.

Grants will be provided to Small and Medium
Enterprises to undertake projects in specific countries to address global
environmental, societal or governance challenges. Each Project provides a
solution to a specific environmental, societal or governance issue by
leveraging the safety and efficiency benefits that can be achieved through the
application of IEC International Standards and Conformity Assessment work and
the enhanced capacity of IEC Members and Affiliates to support these benefits,
including through key partnerships. For more details, please click here
to read the strategic business plan that support the fund.

The four target areas are:

  • Converting e-waste into
  • Electrical energy access in
    rural areas.
  • Promotion of renewable energy.
  • Climate change and carbon
    neutrality increasing energy efficiency and achieving net zero.

To support this new and exciting
initiative, we are looking for a Global Impact Fund Officer. 

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