Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction, GNDR


The Global Network of Civil Society
Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)
was established in 2007. Since then,
GNDR has grown as the largest international network of civil society
organisations working to strengthen resilience and reduce risk in communities worldwide. We are more
than 1,400 organisations, many of them grassroots and local community groups as
well as national, regional, and international organisations and networks. We
support the interface between civil society organisations at the frontline and
local, national, and international policy-making institutions and governance
structures. GNDR members work together to amplify the voices of people most at
risk and to influence policies and practices. We strengthen our capacities by
creating knowledge, and through collaborative learning and action. Together our
network is working to make an impact in over 120 countries.

vision is a world in which everyone works together to strengthen the resilience
of people most at risk and prevent hazards from becoming disasters.

Strategic Objectives

GNDR has three mutually reinforcing

  • Strengthen the collaboration, solidarity, and mobilisation of
    civil society organisations.
  • Champion a localisation movement.
  • Strive for Risk-Informed Development.

Purpose of the Secretariat

The GNDR Secretariat serves as a
support entity to the membership operating through a global hub in London and
regional hubs in Africa, Asia, and the Americas & Caribbean. The GNDR
Secretariat is legally constituted as a UK charity with the main
responsibilities of facilitating the development, coordination and
implementation of strategy, work plans and budgets, including supporting the
mobilisation of adequate resources. 

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