Global Commons Alliance (GCA)

Conservation / Environment / Climate

The Global Commons Alliance (GCA) formed to catalyse urgent action at an unprecedented scale to protect and restore the Global Commons – the natural resources we all need to survive, thrive, and prosper (e.g., land, oceans, freshwater, climate, biodiversity). The mission of the GCA is to empower citizens, companies, and countries to become good stewards of the Global Commons and support the future stability of the planet.

The GCA has three priorities. The first is to create a mindset shift by mainstreaming a scientific understanding of humanity’s critical dependence on the Global Commons, the existential threat posed by its tipping points, and develop safe and just guardrails for people and planet. The second is creating mechanisms for action: scale the adoption and implementation of science-based targets for the Global Commons amongst companies and cities; including through engagement with governments. The third is to deepen and expand systemic approaches to solve these challenges by facilitating convergence of key actors to steward the Global Commons through research, data, tools, and facilitation at local and global levels

The Alliance comprises about seventy partner organisations who share this vision of progress. Five components hold responsibility for implementing the priorities working with these other partners. These five components are the Earth Commission, the Science Based Targets Network, Earth HQ, the Systems Change Lab, and a new Accountability Accelerator.
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