Conservation / Environment / Climate

E3G is an independent think tank working to build a safe climate for all. E3G builds cross-sectoral coalitions to achieve carefully defined outcomes, chosen for their capacity to leverage change. We work closely with likeminded partners in government, politics, business, civil society, science, the media, public interest foundations and elsewhere. E3G operates around the world with offices in Berlin, Brussels, London and Washington. D.C.

Building a climate safe world requires aligning different forces in society to create the laws and institutions necessary to drive change. E3Gs Political Economy and Governance work sets out to understand how countries economic conditions interact with their political system to produce decisions on climate change.

As a European organisation with global reach E3G is committed to driving forward European climate policy through the European Green Deal, EU Climate Law and action in Member States. The Head of EU politics role would play a key role in shaping our political strategy and engagement process, working closely with E3Gs other programmes to deliver transformational outcomes.

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