brave movement


Sexual violence against children and adolescents (SVAC) is one of the largest silent pandemics of our time. It is a problem that festers in homes, online, and in communities in every country on Earth. To end this silent pandemic, the brave movement, a new global networked movement of survivors and allies has been launched. The aim of the brave movement is to drive advocacy and campaigns as a powerful voice for transformative change.

Working with the direction of global survivors and allied partners, this new movement demands an end to the pandemic of sexual violence through: (1) advocacy for bold public policy solutions; and (2) campaigns to shift societal norms, eradicate survivor stigma and break the conspiracy of silence that enables sexual violence to continue. The brave movement is mobilizing survivors and allies that are globally connected, nationally coordinated, and locally grounded. It has adopted a three-pronged advocacy framework of prevention, healing and justice.

At present, the brave movement has identified a number of specific areas of emphasis, including: building a global movement of survivors of sexual violence in childhood; the end to statue of limitations worldwide; creating a safer on-line environment for children; putting prevention and response to sexual violence against children on the agenda of the G7; and increasing exponentially the funding available for this work.

We are seeking a dynamic, innovative leader with significant advocacy and campaigning experience to help realise the full potential of this game-changing effort for children and adolescents worldwide. This is a leadership and facilitation role for a strong manager and convener.
The Movement Executive Director will work with and support three key stakeholder and governance groups:

  • Movement Action Team (MAT): This team of movement staff and consultants (a.k.a. Secretariat) will drive the day-to-day work of the global movement.
  • Global Survivors Advocacy Group (SAG): This group includes 15 survivor advocacy leaders from around the world; it defines the vision and priorities for the movement.
  • Global Steering Group (GSG): This group will include representatives from the SAG and also large, global organizations; it is a decision-making body, and it will determine priority campaigns and advocacy efforts.

The Movement Executive Director’s direct supervisor will be the Chairperson of the GSG. Initial members of the GSG are selected representatives from The Army of Survivors, End Violence Lab at the University of Edinburgh, Girls Not Brides, Together for Girls, We Protect Global Alliance, World Vision International and representatives from the Global Survivors Advocacy Group.
Washington, DC
United States