Organisation: NPH International

Position: Director of Family Services NPHI (English/Spanish)

Location: Latin America: Mexico, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru

Salary: Commensurate with experience


Closing date: 10/05/2019 (day/month/year)

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Director of Family Services NPHI (English/Spanish)

NPH International


NPH International (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos y Hermanas Internacional A.C.) is the mother organization of the NPH family of child care programs and homes with origin in Latin America. NPH was founded in 1954 by the catholic priest William Wasson and currently provides care to over 6.000 children and youth and services to over 100.000 in Latin America. NPH is a competent partner in child care to families, communities, local governments and non-governmental organizations in the struggle to keep children safe and see to their individual needs and development. Our teams integrate grown-up from the programs as well as international co-workers and volunteers.

Job description


Our desire as Family Service International is to strive to meet the pedagogical, developmental and formational needs of our homes in the most responsive, supportive, service-oriented manner as possible. We strive to be models of our founder’s philosophy as we hold true to his legacy and values of Security, Work, Sharing, Faith and Service and Responsibility. In this context, the Director of Family Services is responsible to provide overall leadership to an interdisciplinary team of part and full time staff, volunteers and consultants to ensure implementation of all aspects of NPHI’s learning and family approach with the goal of executing high quality sustainable strategies that continuously improve the development of our children in reaching their potential.


The Director of Family Services contributes to our mission through critical activities and responsibilities ranging from demonstrating team leadership to developing and executing on models and programs to managing our child and family outcomes, while actively monitoring progress. The development of strong interpersonal relationships locally and internationally across NPHI is a high priority.


- Team Leadership. 
Inspires and leads a multi-disciplinary team of Family Services staff, local coordinators and consultants to execute on shared Family Services strategies. Responsible for carrying the program vision, implementation of strategic initiatives, developing effective systems of communication and collaboration, and creating a culture of pro-active problem-solving within our family environment.

- Model Program Development and Execution. 
Develops and refines Core Programs (such as programs related to children and youth, family of origin, inclusion, spiritual formation, human growth, independence, leadership development, and educational programs) and innovative strategies in order to achieve agreed goals; delegates and provides feedback to national leadership teams regarding strategy efficacy as well as on-going support needed to achieve model fidelity and qualities.

- Child & Family Outcomes. 
Oversees and tracks progress towards development and implementation of Core Programs, achieving benchmarks that will result in substantive positive impact on child and organizational outcomes – appropriate with Core Programs.

- Monitoring & Measuring Progress. 
Helps, guides and supports the homes and their local staffs in their work plans and goals related to Family Service, i.e. Core Programs, ensuring staff adhere to all aspects of the program as necessary.


  • Sets standards for high quality comprehensive pedagogical care, provide oversight and guidance, working together with local teams to help provide the best care possible to our children, adolescents and young adults both in the homes and in our Community programs. 
  • Develops, plans, and oversees implementation of Family Services Core Programs, written plans, policies, and procedures to meet the needs of our children with sensitivity to cultural differences and group dynamics. 
  • Responsible for specification of pedagogical policies, as well as supervising and evaluating the quality of the pedagogical care for children. 
  • Facilitates the development, implementation and/or coordination of activities designed to meet compliance standards. 
  • Leads the implementation of quality principles and objectives for the childcare. 
  • Provides leadership and supervision to assigned staff, and communicates effectively around expectations and desired outcomes.
  • Assists the National Directors, House Directors and key staff members in implementing the childcare guidelines and policies, as appropriate. 
  • Acts as an advisory body providing on-going support and guidance for employees, volunteers and directors. 
  • Promotes and conducts pedagogical trainings and workshop programs for local and international staff. 
  • Works with staff, administrative team members, Policy committees, and the Board in the development and review of program proposals, budgets, and plans. 
  • Consulting the employees, directors, coordinators, social workers, psychologists and educators on site. 
  • Providing and developing pedagogical and educational materials. 
  • Assures effective delivery of services through consistent ongoing monitoring, reporting, and action to correct any identified problems.

Internal Contacts / Government / Customers: 
NPHI Staff, Volunteers Medical Services Home National Director, Local Staff, Volunteers

External Contacts: Consultants, Partners Associates

Candidate requirements

Knowledge / Professional Experience Required

  • Extensive background in emerging research on the impact of family environments on childhood health and development
  • Experience implementing innovative family engagement strategies in ethnic and culturally diverse communities
  • Strong analytical skills in order to quickly assess situations, identify trends, develop solutions and apply critical assessment to the larger context
  • Evidence of strong cultural competencies
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including ability to work as part of a team, lead a team, communicate effectively both orally and in writing, receive and provide feedback and manage dynamic interchanges in the environment
  • Ability to collaborate closely with multiple stakeholders to successfully implement program plans
  • Strong advocate for Catholic social teaching
  • Fit for frequent travel
  • Bi-lingual

Education (Academic Level / Graduated):

* Desire: Master’s Degree in Psychology/Education/ Family and Child Development, Social Work or relevant field experience is required

* Proven expertise in community-based interventions to improve outcomes for low income, disadvantaged and culturally diverse families and communities with direct experience of developing and implementing program strategies with external partners

* Minimum 10 Years of experience in family and community engagement field, including experience in coaching, supervision, program, project management

Attitudes and Values:

  • Open Minded, Flexible, Innovative
  • Ability to demonstrate Love and Security, Responsibility and Sharing
  • Faith and Service Orientation
  • Passion for Child Development
  • Advocate for Catholic Social Teaching
  • Live and model Christian Catholic values in both professional and personal life
  • NPHI promotes servant leadership that upholds the principle of subsidiarity (that local teams and communities should be empowered to decide and act on issues closest to them). Actions, which reflect this principle, include:
  • Building local teams’ capacity
  • Engaging with empathy
  • Working to understand local culture
  • Deferring decisions locally whenever possible explaining the criteria behind decisions that affect local teams and communities
  • Demonstrating respect to prioritize the important activities of local teams and their commitments to children and families

Additional comments

This is a full time position. 
NPHI headquarters are located in Cuernavaca/Mexico, but this position requires/allows a flexible work location. 
Application deadline is April 30, 2019.


Additional information (pdf): See pdf

How to apply

We ask that each applicant submit our application form with their resume and two addresses to request letters of reference. Please submit all information to Delia Lopez, Director of Human Resources,

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Contact person: Delia Lopez

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Preferred method of response: Email

Closing date: 2019-05-10

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