Organisation: World Stroke Organization

Position: Fundraising Coordinator for the World Stroke Organization

Location: Remote, accompanied with regular meetings at the WSO office in Geneva or other locations of convenience

Salary: 1,500 USD (excl. expenses) + a management fee in case of successful fundraising


Closing date: 31/03/2019 (day/month/year)

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Fundraising Coordinator for the World Stroke Organization

World Stroke Organization

Job description

Reports To

The Fundraising Coordinator will report to President of the World Stroke Organization (WSO).

Job Overview

The Fundraising Coordinator is entrusted with launching, coordinating and managing the fundraising activities for a major health initiative in stroke research. The fundraising goal is ideally 1 Mio USD within a time period of one year. The contractual relationship will be a consulting contract, with a monthly retainer of 1.500 USD (excl. expenses) + a management fee in case of successful fundraising. The job can be completed through remote work, accompanied with regular meetings at the WSO office in Geneva or other locations of convenience. The contract shall be issued for a duration of 12 months.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Raise funds for cause, meeting or surpass fundraising targets (in non-pharmaceutical domains, e.g philanthropy)
  • Devise fundraising strategy, timelines and targets together with the WSO in concordance with the mission and strategy of the WSO
  • Shortlist and engage with potential donors to gain insight into needs, beliefs and donation habits to understand how to position our organization to them
  • Tapping his/her network to access philanthropic initiatives and donors
  • Assist in brainstorming and creating new methods to raise funds for our organization
  • Assist in planning and coordinating events meant to raise funds and coordinate activities of volunteers and interns related to event planning and execution
  • Create marketing materials, like flyers and brochures, to be used for the promotion of events and other fundraising pushes in collaboration with WSO office
  • Analyze the performance of events and other fundraising activities to ensure cost-effectiveness and risk assessment.
  • Maintain complete and orderly records of donors and manage regular donor communications
  • Build upon existing donor relationships and form new donor relationships on a regular basis
  • Collaborate with other organizations and groups within the community to build partnerships and enhance fundraising activities
  • No other related activity with a similar Society

Candidate requirements


  • 10+ years of work experience in health-related fundraising or strategic philanthropy
  • Hands-on, proactive approach and willingness to take risk in exchange for potential upside (management fee)
  • Excellent organizational abilities and attention to detail
  • Quick thinker and ability to make decisions under pressure

Additional comments

Additional information (pdf): See pdf

How to apply

Please report your interest/availability to M. Grupper, WSO office, World Stroke Organization

Rue Francois Versonnex 7, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland, Tel: +41 22 906 91 65,

Fax: +41 22 732 2607, Website:

Contact person: Maria Grupper

Response email: Click here to email the recruiter


Preferred method of response: Any

Closing date: 2019-03-31

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