Presentation advice

A constructive guide enabling you to present successfully

Presentations are often incorporated into the interview to ensure the candidate will be an effective ambassador of the not-for-profit's message to internal and external audiences. Outline your thought processes to the audience so not in keeping with the direction envisaged by the audience then you will have demonstrated logic at the very least.

Aim to use whichever technology the organisation has mentioned that they have if you feel comfortable doing so. However there is no point being so concerned with the technology that you fail to engage the audience. If you do choose to bring an electronic presentation make sure you have in with you in several formats such as a CD Rom, Memory Stick etc just in case. Check which operating system they are using for the presentation. Always give out a printed handout at the beginning of your presentation as this will reinforce your points and will be reviewed when making decisions.

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Position: Consultant
Location: Flexible within the UK
Salary: Salary and benefits will be negotiated based on experience. Salaries start at: London £50k p.a. Regional 40k p.a
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (preferred)
Salary: Competitive salary, commensurate with experience and non-profit scale
Location: Remote, accompanied with regular meetings at the WSO office in Geneva or other locations of convenience
Salary: 1,500 USD (excl. expenses) + a management fee in case of successful fundraising
Position: Account Manager
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Salary: Competitive salary - commensurate with experience
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Salary: £70,000 GBP annual salary dependant on experience