Interview advice

Insightful advice into the interview process and how to make the right impression

Interviews often take many forms and can come in several stages. The most important way to tackle an interview is to view this as a two-way process. The interviewer is looking for evidence of your ability to do the job. You are looking for evidence that suggests this is a good opportunity for you. Let the interviewer/s lead but treat them as an equal no matter what level of position that you are going for. 

During the interview expect to be asked questions that test your management skills, strategic and planning ability, levels of creativity, problem solving skills and willingness to go the extra mile. Have fresh in your mind examples of all the relevant achievements to back up the skills based questions you will be asked. Take all copies of your application papers with you and a list of questions that you want to ask. 

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Featured Jobs
Location: DC or London
Salary: $/£ 50,000-65,000
Location: Existing IPA Country Office, New York, NY, Washington, DC
Salary: Not specified
Location: Flexible global location
Salary: $210,000 USD dependent on experience
Location: Washington D.C., New York or The Hague, but could consider Brussels for exceptional candidates (hybrid work options)
Salary: Up to $76k-$93k for USA; up to €58k- €75k for The Hague or Brussels depending on experience.
Location: London (UK) preferred; other locations considered
Salary: £59,000 – £65,000