Organisation: Up Fundraising

Position: City Coordinator

Location: New York/Chicago, USA

Salary: Commensurate with experience


Closing date: 29/08/2018 (day/month/year)

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City Coordinator

Up Fundraising


At Up Fundraising we believe in the power of positive influence. We are not content with the way things are. We believe we can inspire and empower the public to take action in tackling global poverty and inequities, climate change and animal rights, to name a few.

Everyday across North America we connect great people to progressive charities through powerful dialogue and unique experiences. We know that via engaging conversation, we can make an impact on the world around us.

What makes our people special is that every day we align our principles and motivations with work place action. We lead the conversation and influence change. We believe in ourselves and most importantly we believe in the power of our own influence to create change and guide the public conscience.

We do this through dialogue and creating experiences that the public will remember. We make issues come alive and in this age of disinformation and fake news we know our work is important.

As City Coordinator you will lead and develop a team of influential canvassers who will directly approach members of the public across the city and engage in conversation to create long term committed donors for our charity partners.

Job description

2 x Positions available: New York and Chicago


The City Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Face to face fundraising program in a New York or Chicago and its surrounding areas. At Up Fundraising our objective is to increase the financial strength of charity partners by recruiting new members to give automatic monthly donations through a credit card or a bank direct debit.


 Performance: Ensure that new member and financial goals are achieved by meeting the following objectives:

  • Staff recruitment – determined by supervisor
  • Leadership development- replace yourself- produce new leaders.
  • Total members recruited – minimum of an average of 0.21 new members per hour office average. Achieve volume target as determined by assigned targets form supervisor.

Evaluation: Fill out and submit weekly reports on recruitment and office performance.

Site Management: Ensure that the office meets performance objectives and that Up- fundraising learns from your experience by:

  • Creating long-term, monthly, weekly and daily site schedules and staffing plan (rosters)
  • Building our list of sites by scouting and asking permission for sites on private property
  • Attending meetings with other groups to negotiate who will use what sites
  • Keeping records on how each site has performed over time and maps of sites in the city

Staff Recruitment: Spend 50% of your time creating, implementing, and monitoring your recruitment plan to meet your staff recruitment objectives. This includes:


  • Advertising. Placing ads within budget, ensuring that the ads are placed prominently on days that yield the most applicants, and monitoring to ensure that the ads are actually in the outlets and tracking results
  • Postering and flyering. Working with staff to ensure that enough posters and flyers are placed legally around your city to generate job phone calls
  • Perform phone interviews to challenge and recruit good candidates and filter out weak candidates
  • Perform group presentations and one-on-one interviews to select quality staff
  • Meet objectives for success rates for each step of the recruitment process
  • Track places to poster and flyer on a map to be sent in to your supervisor quarterly



Office Management:


  • Make weekly plan for staff and office
  • Monitor and control materials to ensure supply
  • Collate and submit timesheet and salary data for all staff every Wednesday

Staff Development: Provide staff with the skills and motivation to work well by:

  • Hiring suitable staff
  • Establishing and maintaining team discipline and performance levels standards. Address all related issues in a timely and fair manner, including the termination of staff when necessary.
  • Reinforcing standards and expectations regularly and setting objectives for performance with each staff person and giving feedback on performance
  • Providing Day One training for staff and ensure that team leaders provide trainings in approaching, handling objections, and the basics of presentations throughout the first and second week
  • Providing ongoing training for all staff on challenges being faced
  • Reviewing staff performance on a daily and weekly basis and making a plan to help key staff for the upcoming week each week
  • Holding team meetings each week to provide campaign updates, highlight the performance of the best staff, set an urgent tone, and build morale

Leadership Development: Identifying, training and hiring team leaders for every five staff and trainers:

  • Hire and train one team leader who for every three staff on your team
  • Meet with team leaders once per week to discuss staff management and standards, and to train team leaders in motivation and coaching
  • Train and evaluate trainers

Fundraising: City Coordinators are expected to fundraise two days per week averaging 3 sign ups per day. 

Administration and Legal:

  • Work with HR to ensure required laws and policies are being adhered to.

Budget: Oversee spending and stay within budget for office supplies, transportation to sites, recruitment, and other budgeted items. Written approval from supervisor must be obtained before overspending budget.

Candidate requirements

At least 2 years experience managing multiple face to face teams as an agent or inhouse.

US work authorization helpful but can be obtained.

Huge amount of drive and a desire to make an impact.


How to apply

Email Matt Bergin at with a resume and cover letter detailing your experience and drive to fill the role.

Contact person: Matt Bergin

Response email: Click here to email the recruiter


Preferred method of response: Any

Closing date: 2018-08-29

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